The Solar System
I. The Sun
A. What is the Sun?
1. star
2. most of the mass in the solar system

B. What Are the Parts of the Sun?
1. hydrogen and helium
2. energy produced in the core
3. radiation layer
4. convection layer
5. photosphere layer
6. chromosphere layer
7. corona layer
8. solar flares
9. aurora Borealis
10. sunspots

C. How Does the Sun Produce Energy?
1. hydrogen smashes together inside the sun

II. The Structure Of the Solar System
A. What is the Solar System?
1. system of objects of
2. objects that go around the sun

B. What is a Moon?
1. circles around a planet
2. satellites

C. What Are the Smaller Objects in the Solar System?
1. asteroids
2. comets
3. meteors
4. meteoroids

III. Gravity and Orbit
A. What is Gravity?
1. force of attraction/pull
2. force that acts over a distance

B. What Keep Objects in Orbit ?
1. force of gravity
2. inertia
3. ellipse

C. What Causes Tides?
1. pull of gravity of the moon
2. pull of gravity of the sun


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